Entertainment paradise on the shore of wonder

Coming to Tuan Chau International Amusement Park from this time, visitors will enjoy and experience new and exciting feelings. The amusement park consists of a combination of parks with various types of world-class entertainment such as: club performing dolphins, seals, sea lions; program performance magicmagic; cinema room 5D, 9D; indoor and outdoor games and 12 most modern thrilling games today. In the next time, the amusement park continues to put the physical park, dragon park, real-life art performance program “Hello Ha Long” into operation to bring visitors more understanding of legends, literature, etc. Ha Long Bay.

The “artist” of the ocean performs in the air

Fly Away and​—a thrilling game that brings extreme refreshment to players with the feeling of flying like superheroes, characters in sci-fi movies.

Vietnam’s top magicians perform every night

Adjacent to the amusement park is Tuan Chau beach with a velvety white sand carpet stretching over 5km, open for free, free to serve visitors.

The reality show “Hello Ha Long” will be released to the audience in the fourth quarter of 2018

A corner of the amusement park seen from above

In the complex of Tuan Chau International Tourist Area, together with the amusement park, the resort system, Tuan Chau – Cat Ba Ferry … is the Tuan Chau international passenger port system – the “gateway” for Ha Long Bay sightseeing tour.

Coming to Tuan Chau International Amusement Park, visitors will immediately feel about a completely different, modern and green Tuan Chau pearl island located on the shores of Heritage, World Natural Wonders of Ha Long Bay.