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Surprised by the new beauty of Tuan Chau pearl island

Located on the side of Heritage – the gateway to the world’s natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island has become famous for the largest man-made yacht harbor system in Vietnam; Resorts, international-class entertainment areas… The island is also associated with many beautiful names such as pearl island, Miss island, flower island, coconut island …   Coming to Tuan Chau pearl island today, visitors Can’t help but be surprised that Tuan Chau International Tourist Area is innovating day by day in terms of infrastructure and a series of new and unique tourist attractions.

Fairyland Waterfall & Sculpture Park

Located in the complex of Tuan Chau International Amusement Park, Sculpture Park has hundreds of large and small works spread over an area of ​​thousands of square meters. Each work has its own nuance associated with a thematic legend derived from the myths and fairy tales of Vietnam such as Lac Long Quan and Au Co; Banyan tree, Uncle Cuoi, Sister Hang, or giant King Kong welcome visitors… Located in the park complex is the Fairy Landscape Waterfall system with water from the top of the mountain flowing around the stream circling the park. create a vivid and fanciful space like a fairyland.

Coming to Tuan Chau Sculpture Park, visitors seem to be traveling to many regions, admiring and discovering the unique architectural masterpieces of Tuan Chau pearl island.

cThe park is under construction, but is still open to visitors to enjoy the artworks performed by the sculptors directly at the construction site, and experience and interact with these majestic works. .

Earth Dragon Park

Connected to the Sculpture Park is the Dragon Park. When coming to the World Natural Wonder of Ha Long Bay, perhaps visitors have heard the legend of Ha Long Bay associated with the Mother Dragon and Baby Dragon. Coming to the Earth Dragon Park, visitors will have more journeys to discover about Vietnamese and world dragons. This is the first unique park in Vietnam.

Hidden on both sides of the river in the park are giant dragons that spit fire, spray water, spray smoke and emit interesting sounds, creating strong emotions for visitors when approaching. These Dragons, thought to be only in fantasy or legend, will surely bring visitors new experiences and make the background for unique photos only at Tuan Chau Dragon Park.

Ecological Park

Located on two gentle pine hills adjacent to Dragon Park is Tuan Chau Ecological Park. This place converges ideal natural elements like a miniature Da Lat in the heart of Tuan Chau pearl island.

The park covers an area of more than 5 hectares with green vegetation, sloping roads winding around pine hills creating a quiet and poetic space. This place will be an interesting choice for the whole family or young people who want to rest, relax or have fun activities like picnic, camping…

Under the park is the amusement park; Dolphin Performance Club; Performing Arts Area and Colorful Flower Park…

Flower Park is a romantic place for young people and flower lovers

Tuan Chau Paradise Beach – Ha Long

Tuan Chau Paradise Beach with its fine white sand carpet stretching over 8km is open to the public for free for tourists and people in the region. The beach bends around the bay with a moderate inclination, safe, visitors can freely drop into the clear blue sea or participate in sports and entertainment activities on the beach such as team biuding, windsurfing, beach volleyball… or lie back on the velvet-smooth sand to enjoy the fresh air of the sea, in harmony with the natural wonder.

The beach is also the place where the Tuan Chau Women’s World Beach Volleyball Championship is held annually on the occasion of Ha Long – Quang Ninh tourism week.

Uncle Ho’s memorial area visiting Tuan Chau island

The memorial area for Uncle Ho’s visit to the island is located in the center of Tuan Chau International Tourist Area with an area of ​​more than 2000m2, including a square, a stele house and a stone stele recording the time Uncle Ho visited Tuan Chau Island in 1959. The work has just been approved by the leaders of the Party, State, Quang Ninh province and Tuan Chau Group cut the ribbon to inaugurate. Uncle Ho’s residence together with the Mausoleum of Nam Hai Dai Vuong, Minh Chau pagoda, and Mau Thoai temple form a spiritual tourist destination for visitors when coming to Tuan Chau, Ha Long.

Flying service to see Ha Long Bay

To meet the needs of tourists to visit and explore “Ha Long Bay and the Northeast Seas and Islands” from above, Tuan Chau Group has also inaugurated and operated the helipad. Tuan Chau Helipad will be connected to Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi to carry out service flights from Hanoi to Ha Long and vice versa. In addition, this service also flies to scenic spots on Ha Long Bay at the request of visitors.

Traveling on these routes will be new Mi17, Ec, Bel 505 helicopters, equipped with advanced technologies such as vibration control systems, modern navigation systems, and buoys. In addition, the aircraft has a glass cabin, making it easier to observe and enjoy the scenery, has air conditioning and spacious seats for pilots and passengers.