Tuan Chau international tourist area is in the top 5 of Vietnam's top tourist resorts - TuanChau Group

Tuan Chau international tourist area is in the top 5 of Vietnam’s top tourist resorts

Celebrating the 56th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam’s tourism industry (July 9, 1960 – July 9, 2016), on the evening of July 9 at the Hanoi Opera House, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Vietnam Tourism Association celebrated organized a ceremony to honor Vietnam’s leading tourism enterprises in 2016. With world-class tourism products and excellent business achievements, at the awards ceremony, Tuan Chau Group was named in Top 5 best tourist areas in Vietnam.

General Director of Au Lac Quang Ninh Co., Ltd (Tuan Chau Group) Dao Anh Tuan received the Cup and Certificate at the Awards Ceremony

The Vietnam Tourism Award is a prestigious award of the tourism industry in order to select and honor organizations, businesses and individuals that have made positive contributions to the development of Vietnam’s tourism, creating motivation for the tourism industry. businesses develop business activities, improve the quality of customer service and affirm their brand.

After more than 18 years of investment in construction and development, Tuan Chau Group has changed the pristine Tuan Chau island into a magnificent international tourist area, as it is today. Tuan Chau international tourist area with the world’s largest man-made yacht port system has become the “gateway” for sightseeing tours to discover the Heritage, World Wonders of Ha Long Bay and the island Biosphere Reserve. Cat Ba. In addition, the Tuan Chau – Cat Ba Ferry system, the resort, the indoor and outdoor amusement park, the artificial beach, etc. have been upgraded to become an ideal destination for tourists. Every day, Tuan Chau International Tourist Area welcomes about 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists to entertain, relax and get off the boat to visit Ha Long Bay.

In order to improve the quality of tourist services, Tuan Chau Group recently invested in the construction and installation of nearly 2km of roofs leading around the wharf, auxiliary works such as modern multi-purpose station, residential area. 5-star public toilets are being completed.

With the miracles over the years, Tuan Chau Group has contributed to adorn the face of Ha Long Bay more sparkling, worthy of being honored by Vietnam’s tourism industry.