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Tuan Chau Cuisine

With the characteristics of the sea and islands, the cuisine of Tuan Chau Ha Long island has a strong salty taste with delicious dishes from nutritious, high-value seafood. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the nutritious “Ha Long specialties” below when you have the opportunity to stay at Tuan Chau Resort Ha Long.
Squid rolls Not to be confused with any other type of squid cake, squid rolls here are processed according to a special recipe. Delivers a delicious, alluring taste. Grilled squid is often eaten with vermicelli, but the most delicious is served with white sticky rice.

SAD OF THE SEA Dishes from the sea are always enjoyed by tourists traveling to Ha Long. From boredom, people can process it in many different ways to create delicious and nutritious dishes.

SEA SAMSea sambar species lives mainly in salt water, is caught by Tuan Chau fishermen, grilled, steamed or cooked with porridge. You must try it once in your life if you have the opportunity to come to this place.

SAI SONG To catch the worm, local people will have to dig deep in the sand to search. Therefore, the selling price of this type of seafood is very high. Sa Sung has an ideal nutritional composition, is extremely nutritious for health, is often processed in many different ways such as stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, grilled, fried in oil, steamed …

No matter which dish you enjoy from Sa Sung, surely diners will remember it forever because of its unique taste.