Tuan Chau Golf Course - Ha Long - TuanChau Group

Tuan Chau Golf Course – Ha Long

Tuan Chau golf course belongs to Tuan Chau international tourist and entertainment area, invested by Tuan Chau Group, with the project’s expected value of VND 1,500 billion.

The functional areas of the Tuan Chau – Ha Long golf course include: golf practice ground: the operator’s house, a multi-purpose house with a place to rest, eat, shop for goods, a sports club, and a car park. As a perfect training course with modern equipment and the most advanced golf teaching system in the US today, this golf course is more modern than the golf course with a width of 100 yards and a length of more than 100 yards. 250 yards drop. The 1,280 m2 2-storey teeing ground can be used simultaneously for more than 50 guests at the same time. With 48 lanes designed according to the standards of international golf practice lanes, each lane is designed and decorated in accordance with the natural landscape, which will help golfers freely practice their putt-chip skills and experience the roads. attractive golf in all weather conditions and in any time.

Accompanying the golf course is a system of additional service areas including a reception area, a golf classroom, a changing room, a bar, a souvenir shop and other high-class entertainment services arranged in harmony. and impressive. Give customers the feeling of entering a luxurious and impressive space. Especially, the culinary system with romantic and luxurious style with a capacity of over 1500 guests will meet the needs of visitors to enjoy European, Asian and pure Vietnamese dishes. Golfers coming to Tuan Chau Golf Course can not only practice in a modern and fully equipped golf course, but also meet their culinary needs with dishes with flavors of many continents.