Tuan Chau Group supports to build houses for poor women in Dam Ha district

On November 24, Tuan Chau Group cooperated with the Quang Ninh Provincial Communication Center to provide funding to support the construction of houses for poor women in Dam Ha district.

Leaders of Media Center of Quang Ninh Province and Tuan Chau Group gave funds to Mrs. Chiu Sam Mui’s household.

The total amount of support is 50 million VND. The household received is Mrs. Chiu Sam Mui, Dao Thanh Phan ethnic, residing in Na Pa village, Quang An commune. The situation of Mrs. Mui is among the most difficult in the village. The family’s house in many years has been seriously degraded, unsafe in the rainy season. Therefore, the Women’s Union of Dam Ha district has presided over the mobilization of all funds from many sources of contributions, unsecured loans… to support Mrs. Mui’s household to build a new house.

At the ceremony, Mr. To Hai Nam, Vice Chairman, Standing Deputy General Director of Tuan Chau Group, expressed his joy when joining hands with the locality to perform social security tasks. It is known that over the years, Tuan Chau Group has regularly coordinated to organize many charity activities for the poor in the whole province, encouraging them to rise up in life.

Hoang Giang