Tuan Chau Island Quang Ninh – A tourist paradise EXTREMELY HOT!

Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh leaves an impression in the hearts of domestic and international tourists with its long white sand beach, clear blue water and the most diverse, unique and modern entertainment activities. This is a destination you cannot miss when returning to the land of mines.

Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh has been one of the resort paradises attracting tourists for many years. The natural landscape here is as beautiful as a mysterious ink painting. Discover the Tuan Chau Quang Ninh travel experience in the following article to have a more wonderful trip!

1. Introduction to Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh

Where is Tuan Chau Island is a question many tourists ask when planning a vacation at this place. Accordingly, Tuan Chau is located in the coastal city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh. The area of ​​the island is about 400ha, about 2km from the center of Ha Long city. The island is about 1 hour away from Hai Phong city, about 2 hours from Mong Cai city.

Tickets to Tuan Chau Island are 280,000 VND/person, children under 1m are free.

Possessing a peaceful beauty, airy atmosphere, and invested in building an amusement park, the largest and most modern cruise ship port, Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh becomes the most attractive destination in the coastal city of Ha Long. Long.

You should come to explore the island during the period from April to October. However, the weather of the remaining months is beautiful, sunny, and the sea is calm. So fun activities, swimming will not be interrupted.

2. Directions to Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh

Previously, Tuan Chau Island was an isolated area. After being invested in building the road, moving from the island and the mainland is very convenient. If traveling from Hanoi or neighboring provinces in the North, you can choose to go by bus, motorbike or private car.

Bus:  All bus routes departing from My Dinh or Giap Bat will run through Tuan Chau. Travel time takes about 2.5 hours with ticket prices ranging from 180,000 VND to 250,000 VND. Some garages you can refer to are Phuc Xuyen, Viet Thanh, Anh Huy…
Motorbikes, private cars:  Hanoi is about 120km from Tuan Chau island and takes about 2 hours by car. The route is usually from Hanoi – Hai Duong – Bac Ninh – Hai Phong – Tuan Chau. Traveling by motorbike or private car helps you take the initiative in time. If you do not know the way to Tuan Chau island, you can refer to the experience of going to Tuan Chau of the previous person, look up the map. The distance shared above is relatively accurate.

3. Where to stay when traveling to Tuan Chau self-sufficient?

As a tourist city with many famous scenic spots, accommodation services in Ha Long are especially developed. Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh is no exception. Hotel service quality at many levels for visitors to choose from. If you want to have a complete vacation with the best service quality, enjoy the most luxurious resort space, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is the perfect hotel for you.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is only 9km from the center of Ha Long city, right on the natural wonder of the world Ha Long Bay. Not only can admire the beautiful scenery, the move from guests to Tuan Chau island is very convenient, it only takes about 15-20 minutes.

Some other advantages when you choose Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long as a stopover include:

Easily visit many famous landmarks of Ha Long – Quang Ninh such as Dragon’s Eye Island, Quang Ninh Museum…
Enjoy modern facilities such as spa, swimming pool, yoga, fitness center… right in the resort.
Experience high quality 5 star hotel room
Luxury restaurant, combining the quintessence of Asian – European cuisine

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long – The ideal stopover for your vacation at Tuan Chau Quang Ninh Tourist Area

4. What’s attractive about Tuan Chau tourism?
4.1. Swimming at Tuan Chau beach in Quang Ninh

Tuan Chau beach in Quang Ninh stretches for more than 5km and is free to serve tourists. Experiencing the vibrant summer on natural Tuan Chau beach, white sand, golden sunshine, blue sea helps you have a relaxing time after life’s pressure.

4.2. Take part in games held at sea

Located in the middle of the big sea, the games in Tuan Chau are designed mainly with water. In particular, can be mentioned such as windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing… These games are especially suitable for those who like to explore and love adventure. In addition, with the advantage of a long beach, you can organize teambuilding activities to connect emotionally.

Experience kayaking (Image source: Collectibles)

4.3. Enjoy Tuan Chau water music

Coming to Tuan Chau Island, you cannot miss the Water Music Performance Palace. The architecture of the palace is also very special, compared to the ancient Roman arena when viewed from above.

Visitors can watch water music performances when traveling to Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh (Photo source: Collectibles)

Here, water music programs combined with bright lights impress visitors with their grandeur and professional investment. The show usually lasts for 40 minutes.

Opening times are as follows:  Open daily from 20:15 to 20:55 and from 21:15 to 22:15; Friday and Saturday open in the time frame from 9:15 to 10:00 and from 19:00 to 19:40.
4.4. Have fun at Tuan Chau Park amusement park

Tuan Chau Park is a famous amusement park with a variety of games suitable for many ages and interests of participants. Especially attractive here is the dolphin and seal show with the most modern equipment in Southeast Asia.

Children can play fairy-tale train games, slides… Meanwhile, adults can experience thrilling games such as roller coasters, flying saucers, cable-stayed swings, etc. Ticket price to the Area Tuan Chau 2021 is 350,000 VND / person / time, children under 1m are free of charge.

Tuan Chau Park amusement park (Photo source: Collectibles)

5. What to eat when traveling to Tuan Chau island in Quang Ninh?

Located in the coastal city, visitors to Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh cannot ignore the unique seafood dishes here. Take a look at some of the dishes that I recommend below:

5.1. Ha Long squid cake

This is a special dish of Ha Long people, very popular with tourists. Grilled squid is often eaten with vermicelli or with white sticky rice. Fresh squid in Quang Ninh’s sea is fresh, delicious, and processed with a unique recipe, so it has a different taste compared to other regions.

Grilled squid is a specialty dish in Ha Long (Photo source: Collectibles)

5.2. Bored of the sea

Bored of the sea is classified as a typical delicious dish in Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh. The exploitation of the sea is relatively difficult, so the price of this dish is not cheap. However, when you come here, once you enjoy the freshness, deliciousness, and sweetness of the sea to feel the taste of the sea!

5.3. Sea Sam

This type of seafood is abundant in the salty sea and it is not rare in Ha Long. Sam here is processed with the typical flavor of indigenous people, especially eaten in a grilled style or combined with porridge.

5.4. Sa Sung

The dish from Sa Sung is very famous and popular with tourists when coming to Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh. To exploit, fishermen have to dig many layers of sand, which takes a lot of effort, so the price is also very high. Usually, the chef will cook it in the style of steaming lemongrass and chili, grilled or fried. Delicious dishes conquer the most demanding diners.

Enjoy the fresh taste of Sa Sung (Photo source: Collectibles)

6. What to buy as a gift when traveling to Tuan Chau island, Quang Ninh?

Coming to Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh, what to buy as gifts for relatives and friends is a question many tourists ask. Traveling to the sea, seafood is an indispensable gift. In addition, at tourist spots on Tuan Chau island, there are many souvenirs such as hats, hats, etc. you can buy as gifts. Check out some of the suggestions below:

6.1. A sunny ink

One-sun squid is bought by many tourists as a gift because it can be preserved for a long time but is convenient. Squid after being exploited from the sea is preliminarily processed and dried in the golden sunlight of the sea. The fresh taste of squid is kept almost completely without fear of spoiling during transportation.

Squid in a sunny day – A specialty of Quang Ninh province (Photo source: Collectibles)

6.2. Squid rolls

The way to cook squid rolls of Ha Long people is very special, so please buy it for your friends and relatives to enjoy this special dish. The sausages are packed in an air-absorbing bag and can be stored for a short time. However, visitors should note that buying rolls at large, reputable establishments to ensure quality and freshness.

6.3. Sea Sam

Sea sam is also a gift you should buy during your trip to Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh. There is a service of freezing and preserving sea sam in styrofoam, which is very convenient. Sam when brought home for processing still retains the same freshness as when you eat on the island.

Sea sam is a specialty dish of the sea you can buy as a gift (Photo source: Collectibles)

7. The tourist attractions near Tuan Chau are beautiful and interesting

If the vacation lasts for many days, arrange time to visit some other attractions besides Tuan Chau island in Quang Ninh. Some famous tourist attractions that are convenient for tourists to move are:

7.1. Bai Chay Quang Ninh

Bai Chay has an artificial beach of more than 1000m, the largest in Ha Long city. From Tuan Chau Island to Quang Ninh, it only takes about 15 minutes to travel for a distance of about 11km. The most beautiful and famous artificial beach in the North has a variety of entertainment activities for visitors to enjoy and explore. You can arrange a schedule to visit Bai Chay when you come to Quang Ninh.

7.2. Lan Ha Bay – a beautiful and poetic tourist destination near Tuan Chau

This is the destination you should visit in your Quang Ninh trip. The unspoiled beauty of Lan Ha Bay easily captivates all visitors. The bay is located in the bordering area of ​​Quang Ninh and Hai Phong. You can explore Lan Ha Bay from Tuan Chau International Cruise Port. When you reach the bay, you can continue to board the yacht to continue your discovery journey. The distance is about 10km, it takes about 10 minutes by train.

7.3. Ha Long Bay

UNESCO World Natural Heritage – Ha Long Bay is definitely a destination you cannot miss when coming to Quang Ninh. After a long journey of about 25km (20 minutes to travel), you will be able to witness firsthand the majestic mountain scenery that nature has bestowed on the most beautiful bay of Vietnam, one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world. gender.

If you choose to stay at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long, you will be extremely convenient when combining visiting Tuan Chau and Ha Long Bay.

7.4. Quan Lan Island near Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh

Quan Lan Island is located in Van Don in Bai Tu Long Bay, surrounded by sea on all sides. The journey from Tuan Chau island in Quang Ninh to Quan Lan island lasts about 54km. However, the beauty of the calm, unspoiled sea and many rare seafood dishes will make up for your journey. You will get to the island from Cam Pha wharf or Cai Rong wharf, about 45 minutes away.

Quan Lan Island (Photo source: Collectibles)

7.5. Co to island

The paradise island of Northeast Vietnam – Co To attracts tourists with the beauty of primeval beaches. The island is located to the east of Quang Ninh, about 80km from Tuan Chau Island in Quang Ninh.

You can go to the island by wooden boat or speedboat with a ticket price of about 200,000 VND/way from Cai Rong or Van Don port. Travel time is about 90 minutes by speedboat and 4 hours by wooden train. Some places you should visit in Co To island are Cau My rock beach, Co To lighthouse, Co To church…

The peaceful and fresh Co To Island is a destination you cannot miss on your trip to Quang Ninh (Photo source: Collectibles)