TUAN CHAU: Launching Ha Long Bay sightseeing flight service

On May 10, 2019, at Tuan Chau International Tourist Area, City. Ha Long, (Quang Ninh), Northern Helicopter Company in collaboration with Tuan Chau Group officially launched the scenic flight service by Bell 505 helicopter, Halong Heli Tours.

Delegates press the button to open the service

This is a new service that gives visitors a unique and classy experience. Visitors can experience flying on a helicopter at high and low altitude, moving flexibly to admire the tourist attractions on Ha Long Bay clearly.

The helicopter used for C is Bell 505, which is a new and modern helicopter from Bell, USA manufacturer with an all-glass cabin that ensures a very wide view for visitors; equipped with air-conditioner, comfortable comfortable seats… The whole journey to admire Ha Long Bay is covered by insurance for passengers.

These modern aircraft are always standing at Tuan Chau airport ready to serve visitors

The Halong Heli Tours service is not an airline ticketing service. The defining characteristics of ticketing services are: fixed flight schedule, route, and fixed route announced in advance for passengers to choose to buy tickets; meet travel and transportation needs. As for Halong Heli Tours, two Bell 505 helicopters are always on standby at the area near the passenger terminal of Tuan Chau wharf to serve tourists at any time of the need, not at a fixed time. . Halong Heli Tours service has three options: 12 minutes; 25 minutes and 40 minutes with different itineraries to satisfy the needs of tourists.

This new and high-class service Halong Heli Tours is considered to contribute to the creation of products and services that focus on depth and class for Vietnam’s tourism.