Tuan Chau – “Miss Island”

Tuan Chau Island, Quang Ninh is the place where many important events of Miss Vietnam (HHVN) take place, including 2 finals in the most grandiose category in 2004 and 2010. More than a sponsor, “God” island” Dao Hong Tuyen always creates optimal conditions for the contest, even when the Organizing Committee (BTC) has not yet met the requirements.

Contestants participating in the national final of HHVN are excited about the beauty contest taking place on Tuan Chau island. Photo: Hong Vinh

Explaining this rare enthusiasm, Mr. Duong Xuan Nam – former Editor-in-Chief (TBT) of the newspaper “Tien Phong” said: “Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen is a businessman who has worked for many years in the Central Youth Union (running a factory). subordinate), is a lover of beauty, knowledgeable about culture. Having been a soldier on an unnumbered train going to the South, going through arduous wars, he understands what it takes to honor beauty. I really love Dao Hong Tuyen because he created all the conditions for HHVN to organize successfully, always standing side by side with the organizers and myself in the competition in 2004 and after.”

The year 2004 marked a transformation in the organization of HHVN. The first time it was held outdoors, and broadcast live again, the organizers were a bit nervous. “Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen shared this concern by going to burn incense at Uncle Ho’s temple and other sacred places”-  Mr. Duong Xuan Nam recalled. “Many times Mr. Tuyen stayed up with me until 1-2 am to solve very urgent problems for the final night.” As a result, according to information from the Public Opinion Investigation Institute of the Central Propaganda Department provided to poet Duong Xuan Nam: The final night of Miss Vietnam 2004 is an event with the largest number of Vietnamese watching on television ever. up to 24 million.

Ms. Pham Ngan Ha – General Director of Tien Phong Company, many years in charge of logistics for HHVN, describes the enthusiasm of Tuan Chau’s partner: “Everything BTC needs is met, from the smallest arising things. Tuan Chau is always a priority place when Miss Vietnam organizes in the North not only because of the landscape or infrastructure, but also because there is an enthusiastic “boss”. Many people jokingly say that Tuan Chau is “Miss Island”. In addition to the two times hosting the national finals of Miss Universe Vietnam, this is also the place where the finals of Miss Vietnam North took place twice. And the place could not be more suitable to hold the 30th Anniversary Gala of Miss Vietnam on the evening of August 18, 2018. This beauty-honoring art night will be reported live on VTV6, VTV9 and 14 local stations. All Miss Vietnam were present at this special ceremony, except for Phan Thu Ngan who could not attend for personal reasons.

Tuan Chau is also the annual venue of the Ha Long beauty contest of Quang Ninh province so far for the 22nd time. And since this year, Tuan Chau Beach Volleyball has officially become a tournament in the World Tour. of the World Beach Volleyball Federation. Sports Beauty – the first official contest of the national final round of Miss Vietnam 2018 also took place here.

Tuan Chau – the place where the Gala night of 30 years of Miss Vietnam took place from above. Photo: Manh Thang.

A story showing the generosity, “playing nice” with the beauty of businessman Dao Hong Tuyen many people still mention. Right in the morning after the final night of Miss Vietnam 2004, Mr. Tuyen made a decision to “reward” 10 contestants who did not win anything in the contest about half an hour flying around Ha Long Bay by helicopter. According to common sense, inviting the top 10 to join this flight will certainly have a better communication effect, but he thinks that the other beauties already have the prize, so that’s it, leaving it to the less fortunate.

At that time, of course, there were no fly-cams, so reporters were also able to take expensive pictures of the world’s natural heritage from above. Another quick decision also cost the “island lord” billions of dollars to give the 2004 finale a worthy sound and light system. Before every occasion Miss takes place on the island, Mr. Tuyen has upgraded the infrastructure to create better conditions for the contest. Tuan Chau Island also marks the first time Miss Vietnam has been held in a locality other than Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. In 2004, some leaders of the newspaper “Tien Phong” initially did not believe that it was possible to organize a period with so many “heavy” firsts. At that time, the infrastructure on the island had just been built. It was his enthusiasm and determination that convinced everyone.

But it must also be said that HHVN in some ways also contributes to attracting visitors to Tuan Chau. Twice this place hosted the final of HHVN, there were traffic jams. It is this unique 2.5km road that has turned Tuan Chau from a fishing boat island into an international tourist center, the gateway to Ha Long Bay. So far in the North, besides Hanoi, Tuan Chau is still the most ideal place with full infrastructure for accommodation, training and performances to organize national events such as Miss Vietnam. .

“Tuan Chau is the venue for the beauty pageant. Especially businessman Dao Hong Tuyen wholeheartedly for the contest. He created the best conditions for the 2004 contest and many others after that. Not only creating all conditions for contestants, judges, guests to eat and drink, but for the first time rent a helicopter for the filming crew to transport contestants and judges to visit Ha Long Bay. Miss Vietnam has a predestined relationship with Tuan Chau and Dao Hong Tuyen. Mr. Duong Xuan Nam – former editor of Tien Phong newspaper – The one who contributed to the success of two Miss Vietnam contests

Members of the organizers of Miss Vietnam 2004 and 2010 still have good impressions of famous businessman Dao Hong Tuyen – who played an important role in the impressive success of the two finals of Miss Vietnam.

In 2004, the Miss Vietnam contest had two big milestones. Firstly, this is the first time it’s held in an outdoor stage. Second, starting from here, the program will be broadcast live on VTV. The contest was greatly supported by Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen “the king of the island”. Thanks to the connection of Mr. Tuyen, in 2004, the Miss Vietnam contest was supported by the leaders of Quang Ninh province, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Department of Electricity. Provincial leaders have directed to help the entire protection and put generators on the island to prevent far.

Near the finale, when the stage was assembled, the director discovered that the sound and light of the water music (the main stage of the finale) was not guaranteed. When he heard about this, Tuyen asked: “So, how can the sound and light be qualified?”. The director nominated to invite Dung Martin’s crew in Saigon, Mr. Tuyen immediately supported the budget. Almost just a day or two before the rehearsal, two trucks carrying equipment from Dung Martin’s team were present in Tuan Chau, ensuring the best technical part for the final night.

The water music stage also had to be repaired a lot, Mr. Tuyen himself was present at the scene as the commander in chief. Raw materials and labor were sent from Tuan Chau company. During the organizing process, Mr. Tuyen also worked as a tuk-tuk driver to transport contestants from their residence to the restaurant, to the practice room. Almost no one knew that the easy-going tuk-tuk driver was the famous “island lord”.

Without Mr. Tuyen, the 2004 and 2010 Miss Universe contests would not have been so successful. Any problems he directly solves all. Close to the finale, general director Lai Van Sam wished for high-altitude scenes, and Tuyen decided to hire a helicopter to shoot.

According to Tien Phong Newspaper