Ubofood food trading floor launched in Hai Phong

On the morning of November 4, Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tuan Chau Group, “Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tuan Chau Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ubofood Company”, awarded the decision to transfer the Ubofood e-commerce system to a member of the Board of Directors. distributor in Hai Phong city. At the awarding ceremony, the  Ubofood app was also launched to a large number of Hai Phong people.

Applying artificial intelligence to distribute agricultural products

Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen emphasized that the application of technology in production and business activities is inevitable. Especially the application of smart technology and artificial intelligence in the industrial revolution 4.0. The unit decided to choose and invest in Ubofood to promote the technology platform in the agriculture and food industries.

A representative of the founding members of Ubofood said that up to now, units and individuals in the field of agriculture and food have always wanted to find a superior distribution platform and model.

Ubofood is the first O2O (online to offline) model, trading food and agricultural products applying two-way technology from online to reality in Vietnam. This is a product of science and technology, the results of many years of research and dedication of experts and scientists.

Sàn thương mại thực phẩm Ubofood ra mắt tại Hải Phòng ảnh 1
Mr. Dao Hong Tuyen (right photo) hands over the decision to transfer the Ubofood e-commerce system to Hai Dang Tourism Group Joint Stock Company in Hai Phong City on the morning of November 4..

Ubofood was born with the desire to bring the achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 with outstanding advantages to support the convenient consumption of clean agricultural products and regional specialties. At the same time, bringing benefits to consumers, people and food producers in regions across the country.

With the advantage of technology, Ubofood will support buying and selling agricultural products and foods from the place of production to the consumer in the fastest way, saving the most time with just a few operations on phones and computers. When consumers order products from manufacturers via the web-based system, Ubofood application, with artificial intelligence technology, the system will suggest the nearest point of sale to promptly ship to customers. .

Sàn thương mại thực phẩm Ubofood ra mắt tại Hải Phòng ảnh 2
Ubofood application interface.

Just a few steps, specialties from all over the world are delivered to your home

Chef King Pham Tuan Hai – Product Director of Ubofood shared that the system will provide customers with main products and services such as: raw materials, preliminarily processed products (preliminarily processed, marinated), products ready-to-eat products (processed ready to use).

In addition, in the near future, Ubofood will have a service to support customers with cooking at home and at the office with the help of a team of leading experts.

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Hai, since 2019, Ubofood has been piloted in Hanoi. Especially in the context of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, this system has brought into play its superiority. Consumers only need to open the app, with a few selection operations, fresh products, ready-to-eat foods … are delivered to their homes.

In just a short time of launching in Hanoi, so far, thousands of people have registered to use and buy goods. Ubofood has covered every corner, residential group with more than 60 distribution and transportation points in Hanoi.

Sàn thương mại thực phẩm Ubofood ra mắt tại Hải Phòng ảnh 3
Mr. Pham Tuan Hai – Ubofood Product Manager introduces products on Ubofood app in Hai Phong on November 4.

“We have cooperated with more than 300 reputable, large-scale food and agricultural product manufacturers. The ingredients are carefully and delicately selected, which are specialties of the regions. With thousands of diverse products from raw materials, pre-processed products and ready-to-eat foods, Ubofood promises to become a giant dining table for people across the country in the near future,” said Mr. Pham Tuan Hai.

Chef Pham Tuan Hai also said that, after launching in Hai Phong, we continue to promote in the markets of Quang Ninh, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and other localities across the country. At the same time, there is a plan to build a weekly Ubofood garden, where culinary experts will guide directly so that customers can easily become “King of home chefs”.