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Tuan Chau International Tourist Area: The leading beach resort in Vietnam

After more than 18 years of investment in construction and development, Tuan Chau Group has changed the pristine Tuan Chau island into a magnificent and leading beach resort in Vietnam as it is today.

Tuan Chau international tourist area with the world’s largest man-made yacht port system has become the “gateway” for sightseeing tours to discover the Heritage, World Wonders of Ha Long Bay and the island Biosphere Reserve. Cat Ba. In addition, Tuan Chau Ferry system, resort area,  indoor and outdoor entertainment area, artificial beach… have been upgraded and further created, becoming an ideal destination for tourists. Every day, Tuan Chau International Tourist Area welcomes about 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists to entertain, relax and get off the boat to visit and explore Ha Long Bay.

In order to improve service quality and serve tourists more fully, Tuan Chau Group has recently invested in building and installing nearly 2km of road roofs around the harbor, auxiliary works such as train stations. Modern multi-purpose, 5-star public toilet area is being completed.

With the miracles achieved over the years, Tuan Chau Group has contributed to adorn the face of Ha Long Bay with more magnificent shimmer, bringing the world’s natural wonder closer to international friends.

Recognizing outstanding achievements in investment and business, on July 9, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and the Vietnam Tourism Association awarded the Cup and Certificate to honor Tuan Chau International Tourist Area as a tourist area. Vietnam’s leading beach tourism.

Cup and Certificate of Vietnam’s Leading Tourist Area

Tuan Chau Port system includes two ports: Tuan Chau Cruise Port 1 and Tuan Chau International Passenger Port (commonly known as Port 2).

Tuan Chau 1 cruise port was built and put into operation in October 2009. The port has a capacity of nearly 300 cruise ships to anchor, pick up and drop off passengers. On the harbour, there is a modern solid roof system leading to visitors.

Adjacent to Tuan Chau 1 Cruise Port to the southwest is Tuan Chau International Passenger Port (commonly known as Port 2), 11 times larger than Tuan Chau 1 Cruise Port.  September 25, 2015 Tuan Chau International Cruise Port Chau was inaugurated and announced by the Ministry of Transport’s decision as an inland waterway port to receive foreign watercraft. The port is built on an area of ​​200ha with a 7km berth length with a capacity of 2000 ships. The port is located in an airtight area, safely moored, near the national waterway and attractions on Ha Long Bay… so the port is an ideal destination for yachts, shipping lines, and tourists in the area. and abroad. The port has been established by the Vietnam Record Organization as the largest artificial yacht port in Vietnam. Currently, the port is continuing to be proposed to set Asian and world records.

Tuan Chau – Cat Ba Ferry: The unique sea route in Vietnam

Tuan Chau Ferry (Ha Long City) to Cat Ba (Hai Phong City) has been in operation since 2009.   This is an important waterway  connecting the two regions of the World Heritage and Natural Wonders of Ha Long Bay. and Cat Ba Island. The ferry has a tonnage of 120 tons and holds 200 passengers. During the tourist season, Tuan Chau Ferry carries 30-34 times/day, each journey 40-45 minutes. Ferries are always repaired and built, equipped with modern equipment to ensure safety for each trip. Journeying along this unique sea route, visitors will enjoy the enchanting majestic space of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and watch the neat fishing villages on the bay.

Besides the Tuan Chau – Cat Ba Ferry route, recently, Tuan Chau Group has put into operation the Ha Long 1 high-speed train service running the Tuan Chau – Gia Luan route (Cat Ba). The ship has a capacity of 50 passengers and a capacity of 25 minutes/trip. High-speed train to serve retail customers, customers who need to go fast.

Every day, Tuan Chau Ferry transports more than 10,000 passengers back and forth

System of resort hotels on the shores of wonders

Located along the beach and on the hillside on both sides of the main road leading to the center of the resort is the Tuan Chau Holiday Vina resort hotel system. Tuan Chau Holiday Villa is a luxury resort located adjacent to the beach with nearly 1,000 rooms of international 4-star standards. This is also the only resort in Ha Long that has a full range of entertainment, entertainment and luxury services and is also the closest and most convenient place to visit Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. Tuan Chau Holiday Villa is a cross between two Vietnamese and French architectural styles. The areas of Pine Hill Villas, Hillside Villas and Coastal Villas are interwoven between coconut trees, peaceful green pine forests, with flower beds connecting the villas to create a space that blends with the landscape. Romance of Ha Long Bay. This place is always chosen by domestic and international senior leaders, beauty queens, celebrities in the world as a resting place when coming to Tuan Chau International Tourist Area and Heritage, World Wonder of Ha Bay. Long.

Beach resort villa area

The longest artificial beach in Vietnam

Coming to Tuan Chau Beach from this summer, visitors can’t help but be surprised by the changes in the landscape as well as the quality of services here. The beach is decorated and expanded with a carpet of smooth white sand like velvet stretching for more than 6km. The beach is formed by millions of m3 of white sand brought from Tra Co, Co To and Van Don, carefully screened and put into use. Along the length of the beach is an automatic fresh water shower system, roofs, rows of seats, and free loungers. The beach is also an ideal place for beach sports or Team building games. On the beach is the annual Asian Women’s Beach Volleyball tournament… Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the space. The wonders of the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine  and the closest view of Ha Long Bay. The team of rescuers is divided in detail by small areas to ensure good observation, timely rescue with medical forces on the spot, ensuring safe medical and rescue work. The service price list is publicly and clearly posted from the entrance and along the beach, and maintains a 24-hour hotline to promptly receive information and respond to visitors’ recommendations about quality. tourism services, creating trust and peace of mind for visitors when coming to Tuan Chau – Ha Long.

The most complex entertainment area in Quang Ninh

Located in the center of Tuan Chau International Tourist Area is an amusement park with an area of ​​​​over 100 hectares. Tuan Chau amusement and entertainment area for many years has become a familiar rendezvous for domestic and foreign tourists. Going through the gate of the amusement park are rows of green trees stretching over 200m, planted as souvenirs by the ministers and embassies of ASEAN countries. Besides, there are famous entertainment and entertainment services such as: Dolphin Performance Club; Water Puppet Arts Club; Club performing human circus, animal circus; The palace performed the dance of water music and laser light (where the most prestigious and large-scale beauty contests took place in Vietnam); Indoor games… From this summer, the Amusement and Recreation Area is invested with new and modern outdoor games, bringing different and interesting experiences to visitors.

The amusement park combines eco-tourism and spiritual tourism in the name of the island

Dolphin, Seal and Sea Lion Performance Club

The cute Dolphins are brought from the waters of Japan, South Australia and the mischievous Seals and Sea Lions from the Gulf of Alaska. All are trained by talented coaches to become extremely intelligent and witty circus performers.

Watch Dolphins, Seals and Sea Lions perform unique and exciting performances such as: Seals swaying, dancing, Dolphins compete for the ball, acrobatics, Sea Lions painting, waving their hands. Say hello in the middle of the turquoise water, watch the emotional brown-gray eyes of the Seal when inviting you to join the game or be caressed in the middle of a luxurious 2,500-seat grandstand that will surely bring you joy. the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Modern outdoor games

Fly Away

“Fly Away – King of Game” is one of four new games in the world that are available in Vietnam. The game brings a strong and refreshing feeling to players with the feeling of flying in the air, blending with the sun and wind of Ha Long Bay.

Apollo (flying universe)

Apollo has a height of 36m (the highest in Vietnam today). The game helps players experience the feeling of space exploration with high rotations and zero gravity drops like on the legendary Apollo ship.

Swing love

The game gives children and players the feeling of flying in the air with a beautiful, romantic scene that helps to connect everyone. people with each other.

Slide rope swing

The game challenges the courage to express yourself. The feeling of winning the height of the player when reaching the highest position (more than 30m), here the player will enjoy the panoramic view of the amusement park and the magnificent scenery of Ha Long Bay.