Tuan Chau: A paradise of entertainment and relaxation on the shores of wonders

Located on the banks of the Heritage – World Natural Wonder of Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau International Tourist and Entertainment Area is no stranger to many tourists. This is the starting place of the trains that bring thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to the bay every day through the man-made yacht port, the largest record in Vietnam, the red address in the list of Quang Ninh tourist attractions. with entertainment subdivisions, high-class resorts, operating under the motto “one destination, many utilities”.

It is the largest artificial cruise ship port in Vietnam with two 10km long harbors, receiving up to 2,000 cruise ships at the same time. Since coming into operation (2016), Tuan Chau international passenger port has become the “gateway” of Ha Long Bay, with an average of nearly 10,000 tourists visiting the bay every day.

Coming to Tuan Chau, visitors can experience at famous entertainment subdivisions, such as: Club performing dolphins, seals, sea lions; sculpture park, physical park and modern thrill games indoors and outdoors… every day attracts nearly 7,000 visitors. Next time, Tuan Chau Group will continue to put a unique show called “Hello Ha Long” into the performance to bring visitors more new artistic experiences and understand more about Ha Long. legendary.

Along with entertainment and resort services on the island, the Tuan Chau-Cat Ba tourist ferry route is also familiar to tourists when coming to Cat Ba island. Along the route connecting the two heritage regions is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the magnificent shimmering Ha Long Bay from all angles.

Not only owning games and convenient services, Tuan Chau is also an ideal resort with a system of luxurious and classy hotels and a beautiful beach with smooth white sand stretching over 6km. with the vast green space on the shore of the wonder.